I’m here to provide candid career advice that actually works.

Welcome to Candid Career Confidence by me, Katrina Honer. I am here to helping you put forward the best version of yourself + your brand.

I'm a Career Contessa career coach, full-time Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketer at Twilio, and a beauty entrepreneur. Without a mentor of my own, I relied on making valuable connections to get my "foot in the door." 

By learning how to network intentionally, leverage my own uniqueness, and use confidence to my advantage, I've successfully made a career pivot twice in less than year—once from localization project management into events marketing, and again to recruitment marketing during a global pandemic.

In short, I'm well versed in networking my way to dream opportunities and I’m sharing all the candid, no bullsh*t deets of how to get what you want.

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  • The traditional job search is problematic and from experience, recruiters and hiring managers are never forthright about how to get the job. So I’m here to debunk and decode all the cryptic advice so you have something actionable to work with to get what you want.

  • As a first generation college student, someone who didn't have a mentor growing up, and as black women who works in tech, I’ve encountered a lot of shrouded information and misleading information in my personal career journey so I want to be the person to share valuable and intentional information that will help you get to where you want to go.

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Katrina Honer
Sharing candid career commentary and de-buking archaic job search tips to help you live the life you desire.